JRS eco-wifi 03 auf Asus

JRS eco-wifi 03 auf Asus


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90% weniger Strahlung im Haus.

  • Strahlungsarme WLAN Router mit JRS eco-wifi 03 firmware
  • Der einzigartige JRS eco-wifi Betriebssystem auf einem schnellen Asus Router installiert
  • Dualband: zusätzliche Kanäle bei 5 Gigahertz für mehr Kapazität
  • Arbeitet nahtlos mit dem modernen schnellen Wireless-N-Standard für optimale Geschwindigkeit und Reichweite
  • USB-Schnittstelle für den Austausch von Musik und Dateien. Gemeinsame Nutzung USB-Speicher
  • Gigabit-Ethernet-LAN-ports
  • 2 Jahre Garantie.

Die Vorteile des JRS Eco-Wifi-Firmware:

  • Verringern Sie die WLAN-Strahlung im Standby-Modus um 90%: Das Signal wird nur einmal pro Sekunde verschickt.
    Die Übertragungsgeschwindigkeit und Netzwerkstabilität bleiben gleich.
  • Bis zu 95% Senkung der Sendeleistung, einstellbar (Die Reichweite des Routers wird kleiner).
  • Einstellbare Zeiten für automatisch vollständig (100%) Ausschalten der WLAN-Strahlung (z.B. nachts). LAN-Ports halten Funktion.
  • Ein / Aus-Schalter für WLAN-Sender. LAN-Ports halten Funktion.

Die 3 verschiedenen Arten von Eco-Wifi in Kürze:
01A = Standard-Internet-Geschwindigkeit, 03 = Schnelles Internet, und 05AC = Sehr schnelles Internet.
JRS eco-wifi 01A auf Asus JRS eco-wifi 03 auf Asus JRS eco-wifi 05AC auf Asus
Geschwindigkeit für den normalen Internet-Nutzung (Websites surfen) +++ +++ +++
AC wifi für Höchstgeschwindigkeit - -
Dual-Band (extra Kanäle bei 5 Gigahertz) -
Max. Durchsatzgeschwindigkeit im 2,4 GHz WLAN-Netzwerk gemessen mit Speedtest.net 25 Mbps 100 Mbps 100 Mbps
Max Durchsatzgeschwindigkeit im 5 GHz WLAN-Netzwerk gemessen mit Speedtest.net - 100 Mbps 300 Mbps
Bereich und Anzahl der externen Antennen ++ (2) +++ (3) +++ (3)
Ein / Aus-Schalter für WLAN-Sender - LAN-Ports halten Funktion
Ein / Aus-Schalter für ganze Router
LAN-Ports werden auch abgeschaltet
Asus Router Typ RT-N12 RT-N66U RT-AC68U
Firewall und WPA2-Sicherheit mit Passwort
Gigabit-Ethernet-LAN-Ports -
Zwei USB-Anschlüsse für den Austausch von Dateien und Druckserver -

Einfache Installation. Sie können alle Funktionen Ihres existierenden Modems (DSL, Kabel oder Glasfaser), wie z.B. Internettelefonie, einfach weiterhin benutzen. Der Eco-WiFi-Router wird mit einem standardmäßigen Netzwerkkabel an Ihr Modem angeschlossen. Anschließend muss die WLAN-Option Ihres existierenden Modems in dessen Konfigurationsmenü ausgeschaltet werden, da diese Funktion vom Eco-WiFi übernommen wird.

Die Strahlung beim Laptop (oder einem anderen, drahtlos verbundenen Gerät) bleibt unverändert. Sie können bei Bedarf die Sendeleistung des WLAN-Adapters in Ihrem Rechner über Geräteverwaltung (Windows) niedriger einstellen. Strahlungsfreies Arbeiten über verkabeltes LAN führt zu den niedrigsten Gesundheitsgefahren.

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32 Bewertungen für JRS eco-wifi 03 auf Asus

  1. 5 von 5

    Jan is a genius. If you care about your EMF exposure, purchasing one of his Eco-Wifi Routers is a must. Shipped to me very quickly—exceptional. Easy wifi setup completed in California. Works perfectly with Xfinity-Comcast. I called Comcast to put my Xfinity router in Bridgemode—easy. If your router has a wifi disable button, this step is even easier. I like that it limits the signal when wifi is not in use. I like that I can calibrate our wifi for our specific use conditions. I like that I can schedule the router to turn off—awesome. I like that I have full and easy access to my JRS settings—it great to eliminate the need to call the internet provider to make configuration changes. I found this product via: https://www.electricsense.com/ Thank you Lloyd! Thank you JRS!

  2. 5 von 5

    Satisfied. Delivered quickly and without problems. (translated from Dutch)

  3. 4 von 5

    Good advice, fast delivery and a good product. (translated from Dutch)

  4. 5 von 5

    Unique wifi router with which you have access to wireless internet with very little radiation. You can also easily turn the wifi on and off. (translated from Dutch)

  5. 5 von 5

    Much reduced radiation and very stable Internet in the house. What I also like is that I was able to easily set up the wifi to turn off at night. The people at JRS Electrohealth are real experts and have a lot of expertise.
    5 stars
    (Translated from Dutch)

  6. 5 von 5

    I have now used the JRS Eco-Wifi-03 for several months and I must say that I am very happy with the performance of this low radiation router.
    It took some time to optimize the transmit power and beacon signalling, and to find the optimum channel for transmission, but as soon as this was set properly the router has worked 100% with 90% less radiation, see my eco-wifi measurement figure.
    Normally I recommend my clients to cable their network and leave the wifi off, but in most cases they also need to have some sort of access to a wireless network. The good thing about JRS Eco-Wifi is that you can keep the wired connections working even if you turn off the wireless signals.
    If I should rate the JRS Eco-Wifi-03 I must give it 4 stars, the reason for not giving it 5 stars is that it is somewhat tricky to set up correctly. A simpler more user-friendly step by step procedure might be an idea for future development 😉
    The service from JRS Electro Health is excellent and easily exceeds 5 stars!

  7. 5 von 5

    I have had a jrs ecowifi for years, first a model 02 and later an 03. Recently we had a wifi signal failure after a power failure at home. Despite the fact that you can check a lot of things yourself in the ecowifi software program, I didn’t manage to reset the ecowifi. After several contacts via e-mail and even telephone calls with jrs electro-health, it was possible to find out the problem. It was not due to the ecowifi but to wrong cabling from our provider’s router. In the process I also found out that 1 of the 3 antennas of the ecowifi was broken. A new one was sent by jrs electro-health free of charge. I can’t but say that I am very impressed by the technical and friendly support of the company. We are still very satisfied with the ecowifi. Especially the fact that we can have it turn off at night and adjust the power precisely for the required range is great. Assessment: Ecowifi 5* Service 5*
    (translated from Dutch)

  8. Great delivery and service and more importantly a great device. We are really happy with this router because there is less radiation, wifi can be shut off completely which means no radiation at all (both manual and with timer) and yet a good connection too. I would recommend this router!

  9. I’m very happy with it. Connected fine to the ziggo modem. The Wi-Fi is automatically turned off at night and early in the morning.
    The wifi is at 30 milliwatt, the range is fine. Highly recommended.

  10. 5 von 5

    Very good!
    I can only strongly recommend the JRS Eco Wifi. The seller gives good
    advice if you don’t get it installed right away like me. I myself have
    combined the Eco Wifi with wired internet, and I have better internet
    than ever before. I myself was affected by ordinary Wi-Fi, and the
    moment I had the WiFi turned off by Ziggo and the JRS Eco Wifi plugged
    in, my complaints disappeared immediately. Highly recommended!

  11. Fortunately there was a clear settings manual for the eco modes, because otherwise I wouldn’t have figured it out. There is so much to set up on this router of which I have no understanding.
    At the lowest transmission power, there is enough range to receive the wifi signal in the attic and at night it automatically shuts off – nice! At least 1 wifi signal is now reduced, but those of the left and right neighbours unfortunately continue.

  12. 5 von 5

    On facebook I read about the possibility to greatly reduce the radiation without compromising speed. The JRS Electro Health website and the experience of others convinced me. It turns out even better than expected … feeling less radiation due to the special software, including the adjustable transmit power and the time switch. Internet usage is not qualitatively reduced. Excellent service and delivery. Questions are answered almost immediately. Highly recommended for anyone who can’t do without wifi entirely but does want to reduce the radiation significantly.

  13. 5 von 5

    In our new home we wanted to install a low-radiation wifi router. In the old house we used to turn off the wifi at night with a timer, but because it was built in to our internet modem this also disabled the phone! Now we have the JRS eco- wifi and we can turn off wifi at night and we can still be reached by phone!
    Make sure to have Ziggo turn off the “public” WiFi feature in the Ziggo modem, otherwise it will not help. We sleep pretty close to the meter cabinet and then it’s nice to have no unnecessary radiation all those hours.

  14. 5 von 5

    I had no doubts about the eco WiFi router because I saw it on one video demonstrating its capabilities. I also appreciate the feature that I can customize when I can shut off the WiFi signal.
    I have no issues with my new router and I would recommend this product to anyone who is concerned about unnecessary EMF exposure.
    Last of all, I would rate this product 5 out of 5.

  15. 5 von 5

    What doubts did you have before ordering the JRS eco-Wifi?
    No doubts, I had spoken Jan-Rutger and I am an electrical engineer and IT, and he explained to me how the routers were reprogrammed.
    How is your experience with the JRS Eco-Wifi? Excellent.
    What were the results of using the JRS Eco-Wifi?
    It concerns a church where the old wifi router broke down. At my request, because of EHS I was allowed to buy two JRS Eco-Wifi’s.
    One is in a meetingroom, set to 2 mW transmit power, the other is in a larger hall. Set to 5 mW transmit power. The signal however is excellent in the whole building. Which again confirmed a strong transmit power is not synonymous with good communication
    Since the transmission power is low, the electrosmog is also low, below 10uW / m, so that I can be in the building.
    To whom would you recommend the JRS Eco-Wifi?
    To anyone who has the realization that the overdose of electromagnetic fields in homes and buildings is not good.
    How many stars would you give for the JRS Eco Wifi? On a scale of 1 (bad) to 5 (good).
    5, Very efficient communications at low power
    How many stars would you give for the service? On a scale of 1 (bad) to 5 (good).
    5. Easily accessible, and phone support.
    Date review: 27-12-2016
    Date bought: 21-5-2014
    Type: 02 (an old version, before the 03)

  16. 5 von 5

    The JRS Eco-Wifi works very well. I support that sort of products. I am glad that you are still supporting and doing it. We always support that sort of product.
    What doubts did you have before ordering the JRS eco-Wifi?
    No doubts, it was the only one I could find on the market. So I was glad to find it and that it is available.
    How is your experience with the JRS Eco-Wifi?
    I like to have it off all night, but the other members of the family object to having it turned off so that is the only problem. When it’s off they can’t use the wifi. I don’t like the wifi. But some of the time it’s good that it’s turned off for some hours at the night.
    Would you recommend the JRS Eco- Wifi? To whom?
    Yes of course, if people would understand and be more educated, they would appreciate it and it should be more widely marketed so that people can see it and use it. Not many people are aware of the alternatives.
    How many stars would you rate the JRS Eco-Wifi on a scale from 1 (bad) to 5 (good)?
    5, definitely, there isn’t anything else on the market.
    How many stars would you rate the service?
    Bought 1-3-2015
    Review by telephone 6-12-2016
    Type JRS Eco-Wifi 03

  17. 5 von 5

    We purchased the JRS Eco-Wifi because I have a lot of migraines and this is partly caused bij the radiation. I am very pleased with the JRS Eco-Wifi. In a measurement from an electromagnetic radiation analysis company, it became clear that this router gives measurably less radiation. I would defintely recommend the JRS Eco-Wifi especially if people suffer from radiation.
    How many stars would you rate the JRS Eco-Wifi on a scale from 1 (bad) to 5 (good)? 5
    How many stars would you rate the service? 5
    (translated from Dutch)

  18. 5 von 5

    Fine delivery, right on time.
    Extensive manual for a great working well configurable modem, we have brought down the power a lot and it still works fine.
    (translated from Dutch)

  19. 5 von 5

    What was the reason for you to purchase a JRS Eco-Wifi? There is more to do with radiation than we usually think. Consider also living under electricity pylons, the ban on wifi in schools in other countries. Also the allowed radiation from mobile telephony -not for nothing- is bound to limits. However nowadays there are in every home many transmitters/receivers; DECT telephones, mobile phone signals (which transmit not only mobile phone but also Wifi and Bluetooth, tv’s, digital radios, modems/ routers etc. All these devices from your neighbors you also get included in a radius around your home. Why emit so much radiation when you need only a bit for your own home. Instead of 30 milliwatts the power in the JRS Eco-wifi modem is now set tot 2 milliwatts in our home. At my daughter’s dorm it is set to 1 milliwatt, plus other adjustments in the modem. This is not only means less radiation in the house, but also less at the neighbors. That also reduces mutual disturbuances between equipment making networks better.
    How do you like the JRS Eco-Wifi? Fine, works perfectly. Easy installation good explanation provided.
    Have you advised the JRS Eco-Wifi to relatives, friends or acquaintances? No, to say it whith an old Dutch proverb: “What would candles or glasses improve if the owl does not want to see?” Yet there is a JRS Eco-Wifi installed at my daughter’s dorm.
    How many stars would you rate the JRS Eco-Wifi on a scale of 1 (bad) to 5 (good)? 5
    How do you rate the service on a scale of 1 (bad) to 5 (good)? 5
    (translated from Dutch)

  20. 5 von 5

    I had already purchased products before to neutralize the radiation in the house. Yet I still often experienced fatique and headaches when I was working at the computer. Dolly advicesd me the JRS Eco-Wifi. Very nice that I could try it first to see if it really worked for me. From the first moment that it was connected, I felt the energy in the house was much calmer. After that we have also installed a cable to the computer and that brought even more peace. Now I can work longer at the computer without becoming so tired and the headache is gone. (translated from Dutch)

  21. Well working wifi router to get less radiation in your home. The Up and Down stream are fine and also the setting adjustment with the instruction manual is easy. In short, a fine router to replace your existing wifi router. (translated from Dutch)

  22. 5 von 5

    Fine router! I set it to the lowest transmit power and even then I still have signal in the whole house! Installation was easy with the Dutch manual. Placed it behind the Ziggo modem and turned off the wifi of the internet modem, succeeded within half an hour. (translated from Dutch)

  23. After I first tried the eco-wifi 01, switched to the 03 version. my goal was to switch off the wifi of my KPN internet modem (TV, telephone and internet run via this Eco-Wifi. Setup was simple and the JRS Eco-wifi works great. Configuration manual is also available from the supplier JRS Electro Health.
    (Translated from Dutch and bought at http://www.aHealthylife.nl)

  24. It is really fuctioning well! And it seems more relaxed in het house. (Translated from Dutch).

  25. Fine device! This router can do much more than what I am using it for now. The most important thing for me is that the transmission power can go down a lot and the range is still good everywhere in the house. It now at night automatically turns off and on again in the morning, something Ziggo’s Cisco router connot do. Wifi is now permanently disabled in the Ziggo router. Some find it strange, but I really benefit! It would be nice if my neigbors would als buy one.
    (translated from Dutch)

  26. Fine device. At least here you can change some setings for yourself. Tip: if you buy an Eco-router, you also need to purchase at the very least an eco-DECT phone. The normal DECT sends maximum power 24 hours a day. If you want your router to radiate, you can als purchase an ECO DECT PLUS?
    (translated from Dutch)

  27. In order in all aspects.

  28. Fine, nice wifi, user-friendly.
    (translated form Dutch)

  29. 5 von 5

    Best service and product. I run a hotel in Amsterdam and all my guests say it’s a very good product and wonder why such good products are only made in the Netherlands. I spread the word to everyone. (translated form Dutch)

  30. Very good quality. (translated from Dutch)

  31. 4 von 5

    Ordered-quick delivery-problems with installation quickly and professionally solved (by phone) Left a very positive impression. (translated from Dutch)

  32. Great. Ordered an eco-wifi router because I wanted to get rid of the 24 hour Wifi radiation from my current router. Fast delivery with clear guide that focuses on the eco-function of the router. JRS Eco-Wifi works better than my old router also the stability, so very satisfied! (translated form Dutch)

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